Reflections hiring staff for Watch Dogs

Ubisoft's UK studio seeks new developers to work on upcoming triple-A titles
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Reflections has opened over 40 new permanent positions at its Newcastle offices.

The studio, which is owned by Ubisoft, is looking for senior people to work collaboratively with other Ubisoft studios on Watch Dogs, Just Dance and other triple-A titles.

“Reflections is pleased to announce the creation of over 40 permanent roles at our Newcastle office,” said Giselle Stewart, general manager of Ubisoft Reflections.

“As Ubisoft’s only UK studio, Reflections are working on a number of exciting projects and global collaborations, including Watch Dogs and Just Dance.

“Our goal is to attract senior and experienced programmers, game designers and artists to work at Reflections, bringing our team to around 200 developers. This new growth is recognition of Reflections innovation, creativity and passion for making the best games in the UK and the world.”

See all the available positions on Ubisoft’s careers website.

Reflections last game, Driver: San Francisco, garnered positive reviews for the Newcastle studio, which was founded by Martin Edmondson in 1984. Ubisoft acquired Reflections back in 2006. The studio is now led by Stewart.

Also hiring at this time is Ubisoft’s Blue Byte studio in Germany.



Putting Reflections back into the spotlight

Once renowned as the creator of Driver, Reflections subsequently faded from prominence, handing the limelight to its sibling Ubisoft studios. With the success of Grow Home and The Division, the developer has returned to reclaim its fame