Reflections' Stewart and Playmob's Ower awarded OBE

UK games execs named in 2016 New Year’s Honours list
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Two members of the UK games industry have been awarded the honour of OBE.

Giselle Stewart (pictured above right) receives her award for services to the games industry in the North East, MCV reports.

Stewart is currently director of corporate affairs at Ubisoft and previously spent 20 years as general manager of the publisher’s Newcastle-based studio Reflections. She is calso chair of the Creative Skillset Council for Video Games and an advisory board member for Next Gen Skills Academy.

Meanwhile, Playmob CEO Jude Ower (pictured above left) has been awarded an OBE for “services to entrepreneurship” in London. Ower and her team work with developers on projects that help raise money and awareness for charities around the world.

The Guardian has a full list of the 2016 New Year’s Honours recipients.



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