Relentless lands in new offices as PS3 work begins

Brighton-based Relentless moves into new studio to support next-gen ramp up.
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The studio responsible for the BAFTA and Develop Award winning Buzz! series of games has moved into new offices in its home city of Brighton.

A bespoke new office environment is designed to support the expansion of the team as it starts work on a new unannounced PS3 game and further Buzz PS2 titles, including the upcoming Buzz for Schools.

Relentless famously encourages a disciplined work environment that aims to foster productivity and communication amongst staff.

Andrew Eades, development director of Relentless (pictured above, left) commented: "The new building offers us great space in a great location. We firmly believe in providing an enjoyable working environment that is focused on productivity within a 9 to 5 day. To date we've proved this works and that great, successful games can be made without a crunch."

David Amor, Creative Director added: "We intend to be in the new offices for some time to come – we're looking to expand gradually and build on the reputation we've gained for producing innovative and social games."

An in-depth interview with the two can be found in the latest issue of Develop, available for download here.