Relentless reveals murder mystery game

Brighton-based developer to take its first step away from the Buzz series
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Relentless Software has confirmed the existence of Blue Toad Murder Files; a murder-mystery game that marks the Brighton-based developer’s first step away from the Buzz series.

In his recent interview with Develop, Relentless executive director David Amor said of the studio’s new direction:

“Buzz has obviously been fantastic line of work for us, and we have kept working on that franchise – and continue to do so – for longer than I had first anticipated. It just took a long time for us to get something to run alongside it.”

“But it’s great to be working on something different. It’s nice for the staff and nice to have a different set of challenges. One of those games we’re self publishing, which is proving very interesting.”

That self-published title is indeed Blue Toad, though it will remain exclusive to the PlayStation Network. 

Amor said that the murder mystery genre “has been a staple in TV, books and movies for years and we think we’ve come up with a great videogame interpretation.”