Reloaded launches free-to-play platform

ARMAS self publishing platform gets its first game
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Reloaded Games has launched its own publishing platform for free-to-play games.

The ARMAS platform will give developers control of monetization, game distribution, analytics, hosting and social integration.

Fresh from its merger with K2, Reloaded's new platform will target the existing audience afforded by the Gamers First portal.

"With the launch of the first phase of ARMAS today, we are one step closer to our vision of free2play games dominating the world of video games”, said Bjorn Book-Larsson, CEO of Reloaded Games.

“Our team is extremely passionate about the transformation of our industry. By extending our battle-tested technology and experience to every indie free2play developer, we hope to further disrupt and speed up this transformation, by handing publishing tools directly to developers and publishers alike.”

The platform already has one third party developer, Online Warmongers Inc.

The platform will also host Reloaded's previous titles, APB Reloaded, Fallen Earth, and Hailan Rising.