Report: Next Xbox set for April reveal

Growing number of developers suggest unveiling post-GDC
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Microsoft will reveal the next Xbox at a special press event in early April, according to a report.

Speaking to CVG, a “growing number of developers and other industry professionals” such as Sony staff said that Microsoft would unveil its next-gen plans in early April.

A senior Sony official also remarked that the console giant had “caught Microsoft off-guard” with its reveal, and that it had “ruffled some feathers”.

An April reveal for the next Xbox could be seen as a surprise given that Sony has already fired the first shot in the next-gen race and revealed the PS4, with GDC also taking place during the interim in March.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce when it will unveil its next-gen console, refusing to recognised it has even been working on a new Xbox.

A number of rumours have been circulating however regarding the technical specifications and features of the next Xbox, with some suggesting it will be less powerful than the PS4, and will also require a constant internet connection to function.