Report: Nintendo NX to use Android OS

Decision 'driven by Nintendo’s need to attract third-party developers'
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Nintendo’s new NX platform will be based on Google’s Android operating system, according to a report.

Nikkei states, as translated by Dr. Serkan Toto, that the claim has not been confirmed by the console firm, but it is a possibility "driven by Nintendo’s need to attract third-party developers”.

The report also refers to discussions in 2000 when Nintendo toyed with the idea of bringing their games to phones with telecoms firm Docomo under “Project Aurora”. This plan was later scrapped, however.

Nintendo has struggled to garner third-party support for the Wii U, despite its attempts to gather more indie games through its HTML5 Web Framework.

Using an Android-based operating system for the NX hardware would be a significant departure for the firm, which has often developed its own OSs for its hardware.

It is still unclear exactly what form Nintendo’s next platform will take. Company president Satoru Iwata previously described it as a dedicated game platform with a “brand new concept”. More information is expected next year.