Report: PS4 gets November launch date in US

Sony to launch two models of next-gen console
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We’re just hours away from the big PS4 reveal now, but don’t expect the rumour mill to stop churning any time soon.

Kotaku (which is also the source of the new joypad image you see above) reports this morning that Sony’s machine will be released in the US in November. The tip comes from a source that has previously provided accurate information.

It adds that Sony plans on launching with two models – a high-end $529 SKU (£343) machine and an entry-level $429 (£278) machine. All models will ship with a PlayStation Eye.

Other claims include the user being able to control their PS3 remotely via their smartphone or tablet. Consumers will apparently also be able to purchase PSN titles on these devices and have them download straight onto their machines.

Perhaps the most startling news is that Sony is intent on “doing a Microsoft” and locking away some of PSN’s premium features behind a subscription paywall that will replace PlayStation Plus.

Sony might also be taking a leaf out of OnLive’s book by offering users the chance to watch their friends’ gaming sessions via a dashboard app.

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