Richard Garriott awarded $32m in NCsoft lawsuit

Judge upholds previous trial court decision
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Veteran developer Richard Garriott has won his court case against NCsoft, netting $32 million in the process.

The case relates to Garriott’s claims that he was forced to sell stock in the company at a low point in the market, losing him millions, despite his contract stating he could keep shares till 2011 if he was dismissed by NCsoft.

The lawsuit was also taken to the trial courts in July last year, where he was awarded $28 million against the South Korean studio.

The 5th US Circuit Court Of Appeals ruling said: "It would be unjust to allow NCsoft to sit back during trial, observe Garriott's litigation strategy, and then demand a new trial on damages when it dislikes the verdict."

Formerly of EA and Destination Games, Garriott is well known for being one of the first developers to create the MMO and for his trip to the International Space Station in 2008.