RIM releases BlackBerry dev tools

Wireless platform specialist Research In Motion launches tech for in-house phone
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Canada-based Research In Motion has released updated Java and web-based development tools for their own BlackBerry platform.

The available tools include the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse 1.1 and the BlackBerry Web Plug-in 2.0, BlackBerry Widget SDK 1.0 and the BlackBerry Java SDK 5.0.

The available SDK’s feature over 20,000 APIs which connect to BlackBerry smartphone hardware features, BlackBerry software applications and other BlackBerry Platform system capabilities.

“The BlackBerry Application Platform continues to evolve tremendously and the new tool enhancements make developing applications for BlackBerry smartphones easier and faster than ever,” said BlackBerry Platform at Research In Motion SVP Alan Brenner.

“We believe these enhanced tools will spur a new level of creativity and innovation as developers find new ways to leverage the unique power and integrated nature of the BlackBerry platform in order to bring useful, intelligent applications to the millions of BlackBerry smartphone users around the world.”