Riot Games opens Sydney studio

New office to focus on eSports, community and marketing
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League of Legends developer Riot Games has opened a new studio in Australia.

The Sydney-based office will focus on marketing, eSports and community in an effort to support the growing userbase in the region for its flagship MMO.

A statement form the studio also said the team will “craft unique experience on the web and on the ground”.

The developer also teased that there was more to come from the new studio.

Founded in 2006, Riot Games is the developer of free-to-play MMO League of Legends, which boasts more than 23 million subscribers.

The title, released in 2009, also continues to generate more than 12 million peak daily users, and is one of the leading games in the eSports space.

As well as its new Sydney studio, Riot Games has offices all around the world in countries such as the USA, Brazil, South Korea, Ireland, Turkey and Russia.



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