Robotic Arm Software opens doors

Tool development and consulting outfit offers its wares to development industry
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A new development services outfit named Robotic Arm Services has officially launched, offering a variety of tool development services to game companies.

The firm specialises in tool solutions for effects, level design, in-game UI and build systems, with the USP being that its solutions are totally bespoke according to an individual clients needs. The company will also offer a thorough analysis of toolsets already in use.

Robotic Arm boss Dan Goodman stated: “We have positioned ourselves uniquely among middleware and service providers. Instead of offering off-the-shelf solutions, we work with developers to create custom pipelines that work with their existing technology and workflow.

"Our goal is to empower developers to make the games they really want to make by giving them the tools they really need.”

Click here to take a look at robotic Arm's website.