Robotoki's Bowling thwarts attempted robbery

Studio president frightens off burglars during evening break-in
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Studio president frightens off burglars during evening break-in
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Two burglars attempted to break into the offices of Los Angeles-based Human Element developer Robotoki yesterday but were thwarted by on-site staff.

One of the two men gained entry to the premises after breaking a window to the entrance door, but was soon sent packing as studio president Robert Bowling rushed to the scene.

No staff were harmed and no items were stolen during the incident, which took place at 7pm local time.

Bowling tweeted a video of the attempted robbery, which you can view below.

"At around 7:20 p.m. after all the staff had left, with exception to myself and our lead FX artist, two males approached the front door of Robotoki and hit the security glass with a rock and began kicking in the weakened glass," Bowling told Polygon.

"I began running towards the lobby from my second floor office as soon as I heard the rock hit. I confronted the two males in the lobby, where only one had gained entry."