Rovio eyes 50/50 digital-physical revenue split

At least four more Angry Birds games planned for 2013
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Angry Birds developer Rovio is targeting an even revenue split from its digital and physical products.

Currently, 30 per cent of the company’s revenues come from physical goods – plush toys, clothing and other merchandise – rather than sales of its Angry Birds games. But Rovio has ambitions for a more even split in the coming years.

“In a few years, more than half of our business will be physical,” Rovio’s marketing boss Peter Vesterbacka told All Things Digital.

“We are looking at food, drinks, stuff that you will use everyday... again, people think that we are crazy.”

Furthermore, in an interview with VentureBeat, Vesterbacka discussed Rovio’s plans for 2013 game releases (“we’ll probably do four, maybe five”), and addressed a question about the relative slow sales for Amazing Alex, the game maker’s first non-Angry Birds title since its main franchise took off.

“We have more downloads than we did for the original Angry Birds at this point. So everything is relative,” said Vesterbacka.

“If you look at Rovio, you could say Angry Birds is our Coke, but we’ll keep doing Sprite and Fanta. Angry Birds is our main brand, but it’s OK to do smaller things. Smaller for us can still be tens of millions.”


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