Rovio picks Peppermint P

Finnish developer to be represented by new dev PR agency
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Wireless and handheld game developer Rovio has appointed Peppermint P as its new PR representative.

The studio, which is based in Helsinki, develops games for the Java, BREW and Symbian mobile platforms and holds a Nintendo DS developer licence. The company also developed for Nokia’s N-Gage, and is considered by Nokia to be a technology partner for the upcoming N-Gage platform.

"Rovio has been doing some great things over the past couple of years without really shouting about them and, as we are on the brink of several major announcements and the release of some important new technology strategies, we need the expertise of a firm like Peppermint P to utilise their knowledge of the media platforms that are important to our business as we move into this new phase," said Ed Valiente, Rovio’s sales and marketing director.

Peppermint P director Keef Sloan added: "In many ways, Rovio are our ideal client. They have an experienced team and an enviable track record but are still very much a well-kept secret. We are looking forward to working closely with Ed and his team to build and maintain the profile they deserve."



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