Rovio taking iPhone game to consoles

Angry Birds, having amassed a fortune in the App Store, is set for digital expansion
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Develop Award-winning studio Rovio is capitalising on the success of its breakthrough iPhone title Angry Birds – by porting the title to WiiWare and PSN.

Speaking to UK newspaper The Sun, Rovio co-founder Joe Wee stated that the studio is “also releasing [Angry Birds] on Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and PS3”.

According to the report, the game has made £2 million in sales – an astounding feat considering it is listed as 59p on the iPhone and £4.99 on the iPad.

“It's a simple idea,” said Wee, “just smash the pigs to pieces - but it's very addictive”.

Rovio took the Best Download IP prize at this year’s Develop Awards.


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