Russian studio to build virtual cities with BigWorld

Cybertime signs up to use Australian online games middleware
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BigWorld's Technology Suite has scored another licensee: Russia-based Cybertime System will use the online tech for an MMO virtual world called Cyber Town.

Cybertime specialises in the creation of virtual cities in real time environments, and plans to recreate entire city infrastructures online. Yeketerinburg and Moscow will be the first cities to go online with other cities like London, Tokyo and New York planned for the future.

“Looking at the explosive growth of virtual worlds and broadband internet both here in Russia and around the world, we wanted to create a new space where people could both socialize and communicate with each other in familiar settings as well as gain the added value of being able to interact with local businesses on a whole new level," Wladislav Nitzak, Cybertime's director, commented.

"We want to move from strictly placing ads to an online-services model that benefits everyone. Partnering with BigWorld is instrumental in helping us to achieve our technological and business goals in the best and most cost efficient manner."

The news follows BigWorld's announcement that it had expanded to establish a direct local presence in the European market.