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Salary survey: Englandâ??s North East are best paid

Average dev wage in the region climbs above the £34k mark
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The average income for a developer based in the North East of England is £34,445 – some ten thousand pounds more than the average dev wage for those in the West Midlands.

In fact the North East region - which hosts studios such as Ubisoft Reflections, Eutechnyx and Mere Mortals - is the most generous in England when it comes to game development salaries.

It even offers a higher average income than London businesses (which tend to adjust salaries to the more expensive living costs in the city).

The new data comes as part of Develop’s comprehensive salary survey, which saw hundreds of developers from across the globe bare all about their income.

While the average income for someone in game development is £31,964, there were five regions in the UK that managed to punch above. The South West, South East, London, North East and North West regions enjoyed higher than average incomes.

The East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humberside all hit below average international earnings.

A list of the average game development salaries, by region, can be found below. Or go here for the full feature.

North East: £34,445
London: £33,681
North West: £33,125
South East: £32,692
South West: £31,750
East England: £30,833
East Midlands: £29,305
Yorkshire & Humberside: £27,000
West Midlands:



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