Scaleform 4.2 adds new platforms and AS3 enhancements

Latest update to Autodeskâ??s development tool contains compatibility improvements
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Autodesk has released an update to its popular rendering and UI middleware, Scaleform.

Version 4.2 provides improvements in AS3 performance and compatibility, more efficient rendering for mobiles, and support for new platforms – such as Windows Phone 8.

Highlights in this release of Scaleform 4.2.21 are:
• More ActionScript3 Compatibility and Coverage
• AS3 Application Domain: Application domains are used to partition classes that are in the same security domain
• AS3 CacheAsBitmap: This feature caches a vector object, renders it as a bitmap internally, and uses that bitmap for rendering. Improves performance for complex vector rendering
• AS3 Net Socket: The Socket class enables code to establish Transport Control Protocol (TCP) socket connections for sending and receiving binary data
• Texture Cache Unloading: Saves memory by allowing the user to control texture cache size and operation
• AS3 Generational Garbage Collection: Improves Garbage Collector performance by utilising object creation time (generation), resulting in much faster collection cycles
• New Platforms, including Windows 8 Phone.
• Bug fixes and important code updates outlined in the build history

Developers can download Scaleform 4.2.21 SDK now from the Scaleform Developer Center.