Scaleform GFx arrives on PlayStation

New middleware standard released for PS3 and PSP.
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Scaleform Corporation has released its hardware-accelerated user interface tool Scaleform GFx for Sony’s hardware formats.

The software is designed to enable game developers to move from a programmer-centric static UI development environment to an artist-driven and animated texture pipeline. The new version of Scaleform GFx has been designed with Sony’s RFX chip in mind.

"We are excited to provide the Scaleform GFx SDK for user interface development on PS3 and PSP," Scaleform president and CEO Brendan Iribe said. "The Scaleform GFx architecture delivers on SCEI's vision for cinematic rich media on the RSX-based computer entertainment system.

“Using Scaleform GFx, developers can have the best of both worlds: artist-driven content created in Flash and hardware-accelerated high performance vector graphics delivered via RSX."