SCE Japan to layoff staff?

Reports suggest substantial changes are on the cards for Sonyâ??s Japanese developers
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Postings on Japanese forum [via Kotaku] are suggesting that staff at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan might be facing a job losses, or at least changes to employment contracts, over the next few days as the firm starts a possible restructure.

Many 2ch users employed at Sony have been speaking of receiving notifications that their contracts are to be re-negotiated prematurely, leaving many anxious over the security of their jobs.

Allegedly the notifications, colloquially referred to as ‘akagami’ or ‘red cards’, say that negotiations will take place starting from tomorrow, January 9th. The location mentioned to many of these recipients – a large room at SCE Japan offices known as ‘Meeting Room 10’ – has caused concern that the ‘renegotiations’ will take place en masse and on a large scale.

While forum postings should be taken with the appropriate amount of salt, is Japan’s largest online community and, thanks to the anonymous nature of posting without usernames, has gained a reputation for being a hotbed for upcoming news.