SCEE to implement open audio file format

iXMF unveiled by Interactive Audio Special Interest Group
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A preview draft of a new open interactive audio file format has been posted by the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group.

iXMF is the first open file format to be devised for interactive audio content. It combines MIDI and audio data with scripting logic that defines playback behaviours, encompassing a huge amount features of modern audio engine environments in a non-proprietary format. It is hoped that iXMF will enhance data exchange between authoring applications and let game audio engineers use the same tools as their TV and film brethren.

The file format has the backing of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. “We're supporting iXMF in our new audio tools so sound designers can take advantage of the incredible audio processing power of the PS3,” said SCEE’s Michael Kelly.

The preview draft of the Interactive XMF File Format Specification can be found here.




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