Scottish independence: UKIE 'will continue to work closely with all members'

Game industry trade body vows to continue representing Scottish developers in the event of a yes vote
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UKIE has promised it will continue working closely with all of its members regardless of the outcome of the Scottish referendum on independence.

Locals in Scotland are today voting on whether to remain as part of the UK or become an independent state. The results of the vote are expected tomorrow morning.

In a statement to Develop, UKIE CEO Jo Twist said the trade body will continue to represent Scottish developers in the event of a yes vote, and will carry on with its work to create an “ideal environment” for developers to make and sell games in the region.

“Regardless of the results of the Scottish Referendum, UKIE will continue to work closely with all of our members, policy makers and the sector at large to make sure that we create the ideal environment for games businesses to both make and sell games,” said Twist.

“Game businesses sell their products in markets globally and players are all over the world, and whatever the outcome, that will remain the case.”