Second Italian Video Game Developers Conference confirmed

Milan event for studios to return in October
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Italian games and media organization AIOMI (the Italian Association for the Interactive Multimedia - Movement for the Videogame Culture) has confirmed that the country’s Videogame Developers Conference, billed as ‘the one and only National Congress dedicated to the Italian game developers’ will return in October.

The IVDC 2009 will be held in the Main Conference Room of the IULM University in Milan, running from October 8th to 9th.

Organisers said the event “will be the natural meeting place to exchange knowledge, instruments and techniques between the most important professionals in the field and the people who would like to find a job in the videogame development field, an industry that keeps on growing and has matched and surpassed many others”.

The Italian Videogame Developers Conference will, from its second outing onwards, be the official event of the Association of the Italian Videogame Developers in Assoknowledge/Confindustria.

“An event like the IVDC cannot be improvised and this second edition will consolidate the congress as the one and real moment of confrontation and meeting for the Italian videogame industry”, commented Marco Accordi Rickards, president of AIOMI and organizer and chairman of the IVDC.

“Now that the IVDC is also the official Conference of the Italian Videogame Developers in Confindustria,” added Raoul Carbone, General Secretary of AIOMI and President of the Association. “Not only it will be a cultural event, but it will become also a vital meeting for an entire Italian economic sector.”

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