Section 8 studio licenses Trinigy for secret MMO

TimeGate Studios chooses Vision Engine for upcoming â??AAAâ?? project
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Texas-based TimeGate Studios – the studio behind works such as Section 8 and the F.E.A.R. expansion packs – is using Trinigy’s Vision Engine for the development of its secret MMO project.

The Vision Engine recently featured in Develop’s list of the top ten game engines around today.

In announcing the deal, TimeGate CEO Adel Chaveleh praised the Vision Engine’s extensive MMO feature set.

“The Vision Engine is a great fit for our ground-breaking MMO project due to its remarkable flexibility,” he said.

“The Vision Engine consistently stands out in terms of MMO-optimized performance, and we are amazed at how quickly we are integrating our concepts in-game.”

As part of the agreement, TimeGate can use the Vision Engine for projects beyond its upcoming MMO.

Trinigy is headquartered in Germany but also has offices in Austin, Texas.