Sega leads cross-promotional network for Japan devs

Mobile firms combine player communities to advertise games to new users
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A host of Japanese mobile developers led by Sega have reportedly banded together to create a cross-promotional network.

According to a Nikkei report spotted by Serkan ToTo, Sega is at the forefront of an initiative involving 14 other developers (such as Capcom and Taito) to create additional exposure by combining player communities.

The 15 companies have a combined user-base of more than 20m, with the long-term plan supposedly involving doubling that figure through the recruitment of other companies.

The report also suggests that the group was formed in an attempt to avoid the revenue share imposed by Japan’s leading networks. That includes the likes of Apple and Google, as well as DeNA and Gree who both take an additional cut of what would otherwise be revenue going to the developer.

Promotional pushes for the organisation are expected to kick off in the fall.