Sega points Golden Compass at Code Monkeys

Sega has signed another deal with an independent studio, choosing UK team The Code Monkeys for the mobile game of The Golden Compass.
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The Golden Compass is the first novel in Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy (the book is called Northern Lights in the UK). Sega is publishing a variety of games to support the movie release, having already signed up Shiny and A2M in the US and Canada to make the console and handheld versions.

Code Monkeys is a 19-year-old operation based in Leeds. In 2006 The Code Monkeys also developed Charlotte’s Web on mobile for Sega America.

Janet Smith, administrative director, said the team was “delighted to be working with Sega again on such an exciting and prestigious title.”

The game is due for release in December 2007 in conjunction with the film. 


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