SEGA want a 'revival of major IPs' before 2020

Financial statement planning company road map to 2020 signals multi-platform strategy
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SEGA are looking to 'create titles that will become global hits' including a revival of its IPs.

In the release of their business roadmap to 2020, Sega Sammy Group detailed exactly what they want the SEGA brand to achieve and where that will come from.

Detailed in the release is a multi-platform strategy that will see mobile, console and PC all benefit in tandem from big, global releases, with the success of a game on one platform being good enough to send customers to other platforms. 

One of the ways they group plan to do this is by reviving past IPs. If you look to SEGA's back catalogue, there are certainly some strong contenders with Shinobi, Streets of Rage and Golden Axe only appearing as re-releases.

Closer to home, there is also a focus on expanding exisiting IPs, including those of from UK studios Sports Interactive and Creative Assembly with Football Manager and Total War respectively. There is also a desire to 'build revenue' by earning more 'outsourced developement'. 



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