Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter ends at $1.8m

Harebrained Schemes title to receive Linux support after surpassing $1 million milestone
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The Kickstarter for fantasy/sci-fi RPG Shadowrun Returns has ended at $1.8m, more than quadrupling its $400k funding target.

The crowd-funding initiative for the Harebrained Schemes developed project received 36,276 backers, with three of those pledging more than $10,000 to the title.

The developer also received an extra $60,000 in donations from Paypal.

As funding for the project has also surpassed $1million, the title will include Linux support. The game will also run on PC, tablet and Mac.

Shadowrun Returns has become one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns to hit the website, and follows the success of Brian Fargo’s Wasteland 2, which reached $3million, and Tim Schafer’s Double Fine adventure game, which surpassed $3.3million