Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter reaches $850k

Harebrained Schemes promises Linux support if it reaches $1million
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The Kickstarter for fantasy/sci-fi RPG Shadowrun Returns has doubled its initial funding goal to reach $853k.

Developer Harebrained Schemes, which began the crowd-funding project last week, reached its $400k target in just under 28 hours.

The studio has now promised backers that if it surpasses the $1million milestone it will add Linux support to the game.

On the developer’s official Kickstarter page, it said it was previously reluctant to over-commit and offer Linux support from the outset, as it was not sure if there were enough customers and the problems in porting a game to the platform.

But if the Kickstarter for the game, which still has 16 days to go, reaches $1million, the developer said it would then be able to partner “with the right external developer” and deliver a Linux version “in a reasonable amount of time after release”.

The game is already set to support PC, tablet and Mac.

Shadowrun Returns is the latest success story on the crowd-funding website which has taken the games industry by storm since Tim Schafer’s Double Fine success, which raised $3.3 million for its adventure title.

Other projects to become a reality thanks to Kickstarter and fan support include Brian Fargo’s Wasteland 2, Serrellan’s tactical shooter Takedown and Auditorium 2.