Shiva 1.9 now available

Popular Stonetrip engine upgrade released today
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Stonetrip has announced that the latest iteration of its Shiva engine, 1.9, is available as of today.

The 1.9 engine features coding in C, C++, Cocoa and Objective-C, as well as native compilation capabilities and a unified authoring tool. It is available on a pay-once purchasing model that Stonetrip has said proved successful in older engine models.

“This ShiVa3D upgrade brings in some amazing new capabilities – the Unified Authoring Tool on its own, for example, makes creating games across desktop, console and mobile platforms a smooth, efficient, one-stop process,” said Stonetrip CEO Philip Belhassen.

“This and other features such as the coding abilities and the integration of plug-ins such as PhysX and F-Mod, all contribute to ShiVa3D 1.9’s incredible ease of use while maintaining the excellence of its output.”