ShiVa engine adds Android support

French firm Stonetrip claims easy porting of iPhone apps and games
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Engine vendor Stonetrip has expanded mobile support for its ShiVa 3D engine, adding in Android accessibility to the platform.

The ShiVa engine and its complementary tools offer an all-range solution for game development, incorporating cross-platform player support, rendering, physics and numerous internet accessibility features.

The ShiVa content creation toolkit is already available for iuPhone, as well as PC, Mac, Linux and browsers. The engine has backed thousands of applications and hundreds of games so far.

Stonetrip claims that its tools allow for the porting of iPhone content to the Android platform.

"With the success of iPhone and the App Store, we see Android as a platform with a lot of potential," said Stonetrip CEO Philip Belhassen.

"Being on the target platform early will allow ShiVa developers to capture the audience early and build their brands. iPhone apps built in ShiVa can quickly and easily be ported to Android with minimal effort."