Shogun 2 audio deal for Media Mill

Sound outsourcing group partners again with Creative Assembly
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York-based Audio outsourcing specialist Media Mill has signed a deal with The Creative Assembly for the developer’s newest Total War title.

The deal marks the third time in three years that Media Mill has partnered with The Creative Assembly and its publisher Sega, having previously provided audio services for Empire Total War and Napoleon Total War.

The group, founded in 2000, specialises in a range of audio solutions, from sound effects creation to mixing FMV sequences, as well as voice editing.

“It’s great to be working with the guys from Creative Assembly once again,” said Media Mill founder Jerry Ibbotson (pictured).

“It also marks a real change of pace - moving onto a game set in Imperial Japan after working on titles like Disney’s Split Second or Ubisoft’s Driver. We love the challenge that Shogun 2 presents.”


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