Side collaborates on Fable: The Journey

London firm casts actors directed by Kate Saxon
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London-based production company Side brought character performances to Lionhead’s latest title Fable: The Journey.

The studio cast actors for performance capture sessions, which were also directed by Side’s award winning director Kate Saxon.

The service provider said the actors for the game were required to take part in physical performances with shoots involving a fight director, as well as also working with a full-sized cart and a real horse.

“Working on Fable: The Journey was a fantastic experience, as it always is working with the Lionhead team,” said Saxon.

“This time there was the added dimension of MoCapping a horse who played Seren in the game. York gave a performance that was up there with the best actors.”

As well as working on Fable: The Journey, Side has worked on a number of other titles such as Fable 2, on which it provided 38 hours of vocal performances, and more recently on games such as The Witcher 2 and Wii chart topper Xenoblade Chronicles.