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Sidhe signs up Emergent's Wii tools

New Zealand studio to use Gamebryo in Wii and multiplatform projects
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Sidhe Interactive has chosen to use Emergent's Gamebryo for its upcoming Wii and mutliplatform productions.

The studio is currently working on Speed Racer for Warner BRos.

“Using Gamebryo complements our own investment in scalable, reusable, cross platform technology. Because it integrates easily with our proprietary engine and graphics solutions, we have greater flexibility and more options in how to approach development for a range of titles,” said Tyrone McAuley, technical director at Sidhe Interactive.

“Gamebryo is very clean technology that delivers cross-platform tools for next generation consoles without requiring a significant learning curve.”

Geoffrey Selzer, CEO of Emergent, added: “Sidhe is a powerhouse of talent with extremely innovative home-grown technology. They came to Emergent looking for a way to enhance the investments they had already made in development tools. We’re proud to be a part of their technology strategy. We believe their current projects will be showcase examples of the flexibility and cross-platform capabilities of the Gamebryo engine.”



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