SimBin and Raceroom enter business partnership

Swedish and Swiss firms join forces to tackle online racing market
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SimBin and Raceroom Entertainment, the respective Swedish motor racing games studio and Swiss games hardware company, have formed a long term business partnership to pool resources for online racing titles.

SimBin, developer of titles like GTR, GT Legends and Race Pro, has previously supplied RaceRoom with software for use in its arcade cabinets and setups.

“We are very happy to enter the world of online racing with a strong partner like RaceRoom Entertainment AG,” said SimBin CEO Henrik Roos.

“We are currently jointly evaluation and discussing every option to offer the best online racing experience in the market.”

RaceRoom CEO Peter Banz was noted the fervor of racing games fans as a point of interest for the companies future work together.

“We want to entertain and thrill the people with our virtual racing products. And I think most of the people are excited. If somebody was caught by the race fever he has to come back and try it again,” he said.

“The unique selling proposition of the cooperation between RaceRoom and SimBin is the fact that real racing drivers have developed realistic virtual racing software in which they also have integrated their own racing experience.”


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