SimCity to get offline mode

Maxis gives in to fan pressure and drops internet connection requirement from online-only title
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EA Maxis is to offer SimCity players an offline mode in an upcoming patch.

Revealing the news on the SimCity blog, GM of Maxis Emeryville Patrick Buechner said the offline mode would be free and could be downloaded as part of the new patch, update ten.

This will mean users can access the single player mode without an internet connection.

Buechner also said the move would enable modders to make more changes to the game, although it still has a strict policy regarding alterations to the online mode.

Released in March last year, the online-only SimCity initially struggled under strong demand for the game, resulting in Maxis taking many features out of the game as is it worked on smoothing out its servers. The game also suffered from a series of serious bugs.

The studio was also criticised for making the game require an internet connection. Maxis had insisted however some aspects of the game needed a connection for it to run properly.

It is not clear year if the offline mode will lose any features given the previous online focus of the title.