Singularity demo â??absolutely criticalâ??, says Activision

New IP in a tough market means that players will need to try before they buy, says Singularity producer
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Activision has explained that it’s “absolutely critical” that a game like Singularity is given a demo before its full release.

According to Activision’s producer for Singularity, Kekoa Lee-Creel, the sci-fi oriented FPS is facing a number of challenges.

“The shooter market is saturated, it’s tough to break in right now when there’s a lot of great, well-established franchises,” he told Develop in an interview published today.

Faced with such a tough market, Kekoa has explained that the unique properties of Singularity can be best conveyed by showing rather than telling.

“We’re definitely on track to release a demo,” he said. “That’s absolutely critical. It’s so hard to convey how a game feels, but I have confidence that once we can cross that threshold I think we’re good.”

The game, developed by Raven Software, is set for its PS3, Xbox 360 and PC release in 2009.

The full interview with Creel can be found here.