Six more sign up to amBX

DEVELOP CONFERENCE: Philips has signed six new developer license agreements for the amBX platform
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Gearbox Software, Zombie, Riot Games, Brain in a Jar, Invictus Games and Instinct Technology have all signed up to the amBX platform.

The firms join existing partners such as Codemasters, THQ, Introversion, Kuju, Revolution, Sumo Digital, Rivers Run Red, and SpectraVideo. Philips said that it is also in the closing stages of further agreements with a number of high profile companies.

“We’re really thrilled that Philips has partnered with us to allow amBX features to be exposed through Instinct Studio, furthering our aim of offering best in class support for complementary technologies within the Instinct Studio development environment,” said Mike Gamble, business development director at Instinct Technology.

The amBX platform uses lights, sound and air designed to provide a more sensory games experience.


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Touted as a revolutionary way to extend the gaming experience, amBX has undergone a radical makeover. The technology has been spun out from Philips Research in the form of a new standalone company, amBX Ltd, paving the way for all hardware manufacturers to start adding its functionality.