Skullgirls dev crowdfunding $150k to create single character

Newly reformed team at Lab Zero Games requires more funding to update already-developed game
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Lab Zero Games is asking for $150,000 through crowdfunding to create a single new character for its 2D fighter title Skullgirls.

As reported by Kotaku, the campaign will run for one month on IndieGoGo in an effort to raise enough funds to make new character Squigly as a playable fighter in Skullgirls.

The full breakdown disclosed by studio CEO Peter Bartholow stated that $48,000 was needed just for staff salaries to cover ten weeks’ work.

Another $30,000 meanwhile is said to be required for animation and clean-up contracting, $10,000 for first-party certification on XBLA and PSN, $20,500 for manufacturing and shipping physical perks and $20,000 for QA testing.

Another $4,000 for voice recording, $2,000 for hit-box contracting and $5,000 for audio implementation contacting is also required.

On top of this, the developer wants $10,500 to pay for IndieGoGo and payment processing fees.

The total budget for the already-developed Skullgirls, released early last year, was said to be under $2 million, which includes eight characters in all.

The team behind Skullgirls were laid off from their positions at Reverge Labs last year, reforming as a new studio, Lab Zero Games, to continue work on the downloadable fighting game.

The change in studios resulted in a delay of a planned PC port and an indefinite delay on the release of character DLC for the game.

The indiegogo campaign for the implementation of a new character in Skullgirls is set to start today.