Sleepy Giant rebrands as

Development tools firm shifts towards analytics and mobile marketing
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Chicago developer Sleepy Giant has rebranded, moving away from games development tools and towards data-driven products for app and mobile developers.

The new firm,, will offer marketing automation and analytics services, according to GamesIndustry, and is back by Evolution Media Partners. will help games firms reach specific audiences by drawing stats from various messaging and analytics providers and using them to inform automated marketing tools like push notifications.

The news follows last month's revelation that 18 members of staff had been laid off following the completion of Sleepy Giant's work on Disney Infinity, Elder Scrolls Online and Orcs Must Die 3. president and co-founder David Lee said: "We have transformed our company into with a renewed focus on mobile marketing automation because this is where the industry is clearly headed.

"Automation is becoming the fastest growing CRM-related segment enabling marketers to engage with their customers across many platforms."