Smart TV will 'revolutionise' home entertainment

Develop Conference: Broadcasters desperate for interactive TV content, says Matmi founder
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Interactive TV is the next frontier for home entertainment, asserts a multimedia developer who defended the technology at the Develop Conference.

“Truly interactive media is going to revolutionise the way we interact,” said Jeff Coghlan, founder of Matmi, in response to claims that smart TVs are a fade.

“We want to get involved to change this medium.”

Coghlan went on to explain that interest from broadcasters has convinced his studio, which is responsible for apps featuring Gorillaz and Iron Maiden, that connected TV has a bright future.

“Most of our meetings are now with broadcasters, because the broadcasters are desperate for us. We really want to marry this together, because the future is amazing.”

Coghlan said the speed of mobile progression is what encouraged Matmi to evolve from a Flash developer to a multimedia developer. It now produces advergames and transmedia for a range of platforms using Unity 3D.

To illustrate his point further, he invited Warwick Davis on stage to announce his very own app.

“With Pocket Warwick, we’re not making a game with Warwick in it, Warwick is making a game with us to establish this new medium,” said Coghlan.



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