Smash ghouls with BonusXP's Monster Crew

Mobile start-up's first title is about card-collecting and monster-bashing
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BonusXP, a Texas-based mobile start-up formed by veterans of Ensemble, Zynga and id Software, has revealed its first game.

Monster Crew, which should be available for iOS in time for Halloween, is a free-to-play arcade RPG.

The game pits you play as a kid who’s been turned into Frankenstein’s monster and you get to smash your way through a haunted castle. The goal is to smash everything in sight, collecting cards as you complete levels.

These cards into the game’s RPG elements as the cards open up a skill tree that provides you with monster upgrades.

BonusXP says this element will provide more flexibility as you can re-spec your skill tree at any stage of the game, which will take around 15 hours if you want to complete the entire storyline.

Its mission is to craft highly polished games that are easy to play but have a deep layer of strategic depth, says CEO David Pottinger.

Monster Crew will be released for iOS later this month.