SN-DBS goes free to PlayStation devs

Sony makes version 2.0 of SN Systems tool available to all licensed developers
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Good new for those making PlayStation titles: Sony's SN Systems tool team has made its SN-DBS tech available for free.

The Distributed Build System is a licence-free download available to all PS3, PSP and PS2 developers.

Support fees are no longer charged for using it, but that doesn't mean customer support has been jettisoned: SN has pledged to keep supporting and developing the software based on developers' feedback.

The timing is fortunate for studios, too - SN has just rolled roles out version 2.0 of the software.

SN-DBS aims to reduce compile times by distributing source code builds between cooperating PCs over a network. It can also be used for building assets via command line.

Version 2.0's improvements include building multiple projects in parallel, faster builds, an improved GUI with project view and improved support for asset builds.

More information about the software can be found here.


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