SOE signs WiiWare student stars

Ronimo Games' Swords & Soldiers heading to PSN
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Ronimo Games' Swords & Soldiers heading to PSN
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Sony Online Entertainment has signed Romino Games' side-scrolling action RPG Swords & Soldiers.

Originally a WiiWare title, Swords & Soldiers retro-inspired 2D playing plane and visual style attracted an enthusiastic response from the press when it was launched early in 2009.

Ronimo first made its mark as the developer of the original PC version of De Blob; a promotional game for a Dutch town that was turned into the acclaimed Wii title of the same name.

“Swords & Soldiers is the perfect blend of real-time strategy and bold 2D graphics and will include innovative features,” said Micah Loucks, senior producer at SOE. “Collaborating with Ronimo Games is a great opportunity for SOE to continue to bring interesting and unique titles to the PlayStation Network.”

“PlayStation Network is an ideal platform to bring fresh gameplay experiences to a broad audience,” added Fabian Akker, co-founder and game designer at Ronimo. “And SOE has been a great to work with in terms of getting the game on PSN.”



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