Somatone unveils casual-game focused audio engine

CADI allows more audio without affecting footprint
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Somatone has revealed its new audio engine, CADI, specifically aimed at casual games.

The engine is designed to allow a greater amount and variety of music and sound effects to be incorporated within casual games without affecting the all-important download size. It also offers interactive audio capabilities to give consumers a 'richer, deeper experience'.

CADI supports PC, Mac and iPhone and offers beat sync capability, endless music support, interactive sound effects, dynamic environment generation, and more importantly allows the sound designer to integrate audio into the game themselves, rather than relying on programmers.

“Prior to CADI, no solution existed for the problem of having large amounts of music with a small footprint while still having it sound great," said Somatone managing partner Kane Minkus.

"Try getting an hour of dynamically changing orchestral music into your casual game that brings layers in and out based on the game play. There is no tool except CADI that can provide that with such high quality and a little footprint.”



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