Sony launches crowdfunding platform for internal projects

First Flight enables PlayStation staff to gauge interest in new ideas
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sony first flight.png

Sony Japan has created a brand new crowdfunding platform that is designed to fund and promote new projects that come from within the company.

First Flight encourages members of staff to explore new concepts and then assess whether there is consumer interest in them by asking the public for donations and support. Successful products will be brought to market with the help of the e-commerce team.

It is an extension of the firm’s Seed Acceleration Program, which enabled Sony employees to finance new businesses and products with help from investors, according to GamesIndustry.

“Through First Flight, Sony will support the launch and growth of new business ventures,” the firm said in a statement. 

“The platform will give nascent projects the opportunity to ascertain the actual needs of the market; realise a co-creation model of product development and improvement through direct dialogue with customers; and ensure timely sales operations that are also optimal for their business size.”