Sony, OnLive, Unity and EA set for GamesBeat

OnLiveâ??s Pearlman and Sonyâ??s Jack Buser add to a star list of speakers
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New speakers have been confirmed for this year’s GamsBeat business summit at GDC, with OnLive's Steve Perlman and Sony’s Jack Buser adding to a list that already includes key players from Unity, EA and Zynga.

The second annual GamesBeat event – now officially tied with GDC – will focus on the emergence of ‘disruptive’ technologies that have recently challenged standard business models.

Solidifying that theme will be a keynote from OnLive CEO Steve Perlman – a serial inventor who wants to release a cloud gaming service that could singlehandedly diminish the standard PC rig-building market and, though a long shot, even rupture the physical game market.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Home director Jack Buser will join a panel to discuss Home’s part in a new era of disruptive game platforms.

These key new speakers already add to a packed list of industry heavyweights, from Unity CEO David Helgason to EA COO John Schappert.

Other notable panel speakers include Outspark CEO Owen Mahoney, Booyah CEO Keith Lee, PopCap co-founder John Vechey, hi5's Alex St. John and Zynga's Brian Reynolds.

You can attend GamesBeat with an All Access pass, though the GDC event offers a number of passes for different tastes and schedules.


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