Sony Santa Monica announcing four games at E3

E3 2011: God of War studio tech boss hints at large-scale reveal for LA conference
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Sony Santa Monica boss Tim Moss has said that his studio will be announcing four new games at this year’s E3 conference.

Writing on Twitter, Moss said: “#SMStudio has 8 games from our talented external teams at E3 this year. A shit load of devs worked really hard the last few weeks.”

When asked what games will be shown, he replied: “[Eat, Sleep, Play's] Twisted Metal, [Lightbox's] Starhawk, Sound Shapes, [thatgamecompany 's] Journey + 4 others that are not yet announced.”

No information has been given about the development status of the games, or if they are collaborations or internal projects. A Forbes report this morning has said that a 3D God of War title will be announced at the Sony press event happening at 1am BST tomorrow.



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