Sony was 'extremely negative' about original PlayStation

'I was asked why would I want to work on a toy,' says Andrew House
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PlayStation was viewed extremely negative from large parts of Sony before it launched, Andrew House revealed at Develop Conference today.

In a piece that looked back on the history of the PlayStation business, House and Cerny took a trip down memory lane to discuss the origins and growth of the PlayStation brand

“PSX was viewed extremely negatively from large parts of the corporation,” said House.

“We were asked to volunteer to be part of it and nobody wanted to volunteer to be part of it except from me. When I moved to SCE, my then boss said I was an idiot, why would I want to work on a toy. He said: ‘It will never be a major part of Sony’s business.’

House and Cerny spent their time discussing game streaming, virtual reality and the creation of PlayStation 4.

Story originally published on MCV.